Hello and welcome to our new website.

At BengeBooks.Com you’ll be able to find all sorts of interesting information about us—Janet and Geoff Benge—as well as about the books we have written in the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series and Heroes of History series, and other books by us.

We know that over the years many of you have read our books, and hopefully enjoyed them, but have found it difficult to find information about us. This has not been intentional; it’s just that we’ve been kept busy writing and have not had a lot of time to get out and meet our readers. But in response to those who have managed to track us down and email requesting information about us, especially for school projects, we have taken the time to put together this website to make as much information available as possible.

We must say, we had forgotten how many books we had written until we gathered them together in one place. This made the job of putting together the website a little bigger than we had anticipated. As a result, we haven’t finished filling out all of the information we want to include on the website, especially in regard to the “Author Notes” for each book we’ve written. We will be filling in this information as fast as we can, but wanted to get the website up and running. So if you don’t find the information you are looking for on a particular page, be patient, it’s coming.

As well, we want you to participate on our website. We will be running various writing competitions in the future and will be publishing the winning entries on the website. We also invite you to write reviews of our books which you have read. You will find the necessary information on how to do this under the “Book Reviews” tab in the menu bar, or by clicking here.

We also have an activity log on the site, there you will find what we are up to, what book we are currently writing and how progress is going. We will also update you on any new information we have added to the site, along with other pieces of information we may want to communicate or comment on. So check it out regularly.

You can use the blue fly-out menu bar at the top left of each page to navigate your way around the website.

If you want to buy any of our books you can do so buy clicking the “Buy Now” button under each book image on the main index page, or under the image of the book on the individual book page. This will take you either to the YWAM Publishing website or Amazon.com (depending upon the book) where you can complete your purchase.

So go ahead and explore the website. We hope you enjoy it and check back on a regular basis to see what’s new.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at: inquiries@bengebooks.com

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Welcome to BengeBooks.Com
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Welcome to BengeBooks.Com
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